Born in the north of France, I grew up in a very large family. Beautiful houses, big dinner parties, nicely decorated tables. Many inspirations, as the vegetables and scented roses garden of my grandfather, the table settings and famous Christmas tree of my godmother Michèle, my Granny’s recipes, my Aunts advises, my Mother’s flower arrangements, but also the long walks on the beach with my Sister Axelle, the local market on the weekend, the Sunday lunches in the family house with friends. 

Very much attached to objects and souvenirs, I like antiquing on flea markets across France but also around the world. In 2013, I settled down in New Delhi where I spend some beautiful years alongside a fashion designer. At 26, I decided to open my house to passing guests and curious travellers in an Indo-French atmosphere. In a country teeming with beautiful things and inspirations, the house quickly became a Home away from home. I wanted travellers to feel at home, whether they stop for a night, the succulent breakfast, for simply grab a glass of the fresh homemade lemonade, or make a souvenir shopping "made in India", with selected objects in Delhi and all over the country. Home linens, fabrics, antique pieces and more, imagined upon my envies.

I like seeking unique objects and get them into my world. With Scarlette Ateliers, I wanted to share a summary of my favorites, the finest fabrics and embroideries, as well as those smells and colours that made the History of the Maison Scarlette.

This selection comes from all over India, and its surroundings : Kolkata embroideries, Mysore soaps, Manipur potteries, Nepali wool, handwoven cotton of South India.

These finds and creations designed for the home are available in the shop of the Maison Scarlette in Delhi as well as on the e-shop.